4G mobile data sharing plan for Virgin Media’s business customers

Wednesday, March 27th 2019

One of the leading ISPs in the UK – Virgin Media has come up with a new data sharing plan for their business customers. They are now offering a flexible plan in which the data can be shared within a company upto their overall data limits across group of SIM cards/ devices. For example, if the data offered is 1000 GB a month, then the same can be shared among all within a group.


The data can be increased or decreased by the users every month on each SIM but within overall company limits. It is introduced to help the businesses and users as an alternative for managing various contracts with different data allowances. Other networks are also offering such sharing services for their customers.


There is also flexibility in pricing also. Say, a businessman can opt for 2 SIM cards with 10GB data which is starting from £25 a month whereas for small sized business office, they can take up 10 SIM cards with 100 GB data which is priced at £125 a month. When the data usage exceeds the allowance limit, then it is charged at £1 per GB per day.


VMB Executive Director (Commercial) - Rob Orr said that by pooling of the data allowance which the businesses require, the handsets required by the staff and the flexibility of sharing data, their new plan will make it easy for the business customers to stay connected under the same contract.


Every SIM has the features of discounts on Voom Fibre broadband, unlimited UK calls and texts and the handset choices option spreading its cost over a period of 24/ 36 months of contract. The operator is using EE’s mobile network in MVNO platform and so they can get the benefits of Free Wifi form various UK hotspots and EU roaming without additional cost.

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