KC announces 'Lightstream' fibre broadband to add another 15,000 properties

Wednesday, February 25th 2015

KC the telecoms operator for Hull and East Yorkshire, has announced that their superfast fibre-optic (FTTP/C) broadband service, called 'Lightstream', will be expanded. They intend to add another 15,000 premises beyond their present target of 45,000 properties by March 2016. Their 'Lightstream' broadband will expand its footprint fully, hopefully, around the spring of 2016.

The figure of 40,000 properties is roughly 30% of the potential market for KC, with 12,000 already subscribed. They have lots more work to do, if their network has to reach nearly everyone here. The announcement is no surprise, but a confirmation that KC would continue their expansion work beyond March of this year.

KC's network is mostly based on ultrafast FTTP/H technology, which is capable of 300Mbps, yet their consumer packages go up to only 100Mbps. But KC's progress of work is not satisfactory, as of now, as a pure fibre-oiptic network is more expensive and time consuming to build, albeit being a more future-proof one. It's not clear whether KC would be adopting any hybrid technology to cut costs and speed-up work. Although KC has a £200 million finance package, secured in 2014, it has not revealed how much the latest deployment will cost. But their website revealed that they will be expanding to Beverly, Cottingham, Ferriby & Melton, Brough, Beverly High Road and to other areas over West and East Hull.

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