Child internet safety precautions launched for UK ISPs

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013

To protect children online, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom has launched few plans that include a series of solutions for the ISPs to adopt strictly. Filtering adult content and websites at network level will be given top most priority.

A fresh code of conduct will be framed although David Cameroon, the Prime Minister of the UK has already mentioned about the points that will be included. The new measures will be brought into effect from the end of 2014. Ofcom will be asked to strictly monitor the effort. Network-level filtering will however continue to be the most controversial element. Broadband providers can block website and impose restriction at their level thereby making network level filtering possible at customers’ level.

Other types of porn websites such as gambling, social networks etc will also be blocked. The block will be ‘on’ by default although it could raise a matter for debate among customers. Reports point that although parental control solutions already exists in various devices such as router and some of the computer devices people may not have realised about it. Even if a website is blocked by any ISP the content cannot be fully blocked as web hosting providers have complete access to the content. Meanwhile several other websites such as shops showing national lottery, underwear sales and news content that talk about related subject also are likely to be filtered. Wrong categorisation and technical errors could be the reason behind this. Reports say that these rules will be applicable only to large ISPs and not to smaller ones and other search engines due to shortage of funds to install filters at their end.

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