Xbox customers to get free arcade game

Friday, January 4th 2008

The software giant Microsoft is to offer a free downloadable game to its Xbox customers as compense for the disappointing performance of its online gaming system during Christmas season, according to the BBC Online news. The glitch that affected the Xbox system was due to the congestion caused by lots of new users trying to access its gaming server, Microsoft explained.

During the Christmas season, many subscribers of Microsoft’ Xbox live online gaming had problems in connecting their consoles to the Xbox online gaming system. Eventually, the gaming sites came out with many threads carrying the concerns of the gamers. Marc Whitten of Xbox offered his apology for the failure of the most popular gaming console:
"While the service was not completely offline at any given time, we are disappointed in our performance," he explained.

Popular games like Mass Effect and Halo 3 attracted many people to sign up to Xbox and the sales figures also indicated a spectacular growth, he further commented.

Currently, there are over eight million Xbox customers who usually sign up to the gaming service for 12 months. Members can download games at £10 per game.  In addition to downloads, Xbox customers can also watch TV series and movies via Xbox Live service.

Now, all the customers of Xbox Live service will get a complete arcade game and the date will be announced later, the report further says. 

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