Welland Valley villages and ISP Gigaclear hit on broadband deal

Tuesday, April 7th 2015

The Welland Valley Broadband Group has got a deal struck with rural pure ISP Gigaclear, to install their Fibre-to-the-Premises broadband network. Hundreds of residents, in the 11 villages of Leicestershire to be benefited by faster internet speeds, are celebrating the deal. The Group that was formed in the late 2014 has been lobbying to get them better broadband, but BT and County Hall could not supply their villages under the Leicestershire broadband scheme.

Gigaclear will be starting work very soon to build the new network to connect Stockerston, Slawston, Medbourne, Nevill Holt, Horninghold, Hallaton, Glooston, Drayton, Cranoe, Bringhurst and Blaston. The new service can supply subscribers ultra-fast FTTP broadband capable of symetric 1Gbps, way above the present national average.

Chief Executive of Gigaclear, Matthew Hare, said the Welland Valley Broadband Group worked with them to build the demand point where the business case could work for them to build a new fibre network in the area. Leader of the Group, Martin Griffin said they are delighted by the outcome, as Gigaclear as a long term strategic partner can offer residents the fastest broadband in UK.

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