Warwicknet upgrades cabinets to deploy G.fast Broadband ahead of BT here

Monday, September 25th 2017

WarwickNet has upgraded their street-cabinets capable of supporting the faster G.fast broadband service. The latest Hybrid-Fibre G.fast broadband is capable of ultrafast downloads of up to 500Mbps speeds, that is more than the 330Mbps of Openreach.

The alternative network provider has a long history of deploying its own connectivity solutions of Sub-Loop Unbundling (SLU), harnessing existing infrastructure of Openreah, such as cable ducts, and that has given them ability to build a variety of leases line services (on FTTC and ultrafast FTTC) providing gigabit style services for business parks across England. WarwickNet claims to be able to offer download speeds of up to 500Mbps to those premises placed within a hundred metres of the cabinets. Specific information is yet t be known about the performance, coverage and cost.

In a stroke of one-upmanship the ISP has been able to deploy the very latest G.fast technology in Warwickshire, ahead of a the telecom giant BT and comes as a pleasant surprise to users. Apparently the rollout of the new tech will take 2 weeks to deploy and comes ahead of their country-wide rollout scheme. WarwickNet is in all likelihood believed to have built G.fast extension pods on the side of Openreach's existing PCP street-cabinets, just as Openreach are doing for themselves.

Founder of WarwickNet, Ben King, is reported to have said that unlike many other ISPs waiting for Openreach to deploy its service, so as to resell the service, they are leading the way in G.fast implementation nationally. He added that they are able to deploy the tech benefiting businesses, as an ultimate interim solution until coverage of fibre reaches maximum and to help UK lead, in deploying superfast broadband, in Europe.

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