VoD services fail to attract more internet users

Tuesday, March 4th 2008

According to a survey conducted by Wiggin, the VoD (Video on demand) services like BBC iPlayer and Tiscali TV could not attract many users to download or stream TV programmes as less than 20 percent of internet users in UK streamed or downloaded TV programmes using their broadband connection. It should be noted that the major TV service provider, Virgin Media and other VoD services like Channel 4 and Tiscali offer TV programmes and a vast collection of movies to their customers via internet.

As far as Virgin Media is concerned, just one-fifth of its broadband & TV customers download or stream videos regularly or occasionally. While it is 15 percent with Channel 4’s VoD service, BBC iPlayer comes third with 13 percent.

The majority of people who were surveyed said they would be more interested in VoD services if a greater amount of content is made available in the same location, according to the report from The Times.

Alexander Ross, an associate of the media law firm, Wiggin, said:
"People are still familiar with the idea of sitting down at the appointed time to watch their favourite programme, and to some extent people like having their lives dictated by scheduling,"

He further said:
"We will gradually move to the on demand mentality, especially when home entertainment systems improve such that you can connect the PC to the television and have the 'TV over the internet' experience on a big screen."

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