New Smart Hub X Router with broadband to be launched by BT

Monday, January 8th 2018

A new SmartHub X wireless router is set to be launched and given to those customers participating in the broadband technology trail by BT. The new modem integrates this broadband tech, capable of reaching 330Mbps speeds, and BT aims to reach 10 million Britons by calendar year 2020, on this new service.

The pilot trial earlier tended to give, those taking part, a Huawei MT992 mobem, which can be connected to the back, through the WAN port, of the wireless router that exists. First commercial products were expected to follow this method, but instead it seems a fully integrated single-device for, now seems to be the approach taken, at least by some of the ISPs.

Although the SmartHub X looks similar to the present SamrtHub router, it supports with an extra port at the back for the telephone line to be connected. It is put next to the RJ11 broadband socket with the same one USB socket and four Gigabit Ethernet ports alongside. The SmartHub X broadband port is directly connected to the MasterSocket, with a special splitter fit on the end.

The service now is in the pilot phase and hopefully will enter in this spring the pre-commercial Early Market Development phase, with ISPs following, offering packages to residential customers on the new service.

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