Hyperoptic switches on Gigabit service at Platinum Point residential development in Edinburgh

Thursday, November 17th 2016

Hyperoptic marked the launch of gigabit residential broadband in Edinburgh with the switching on of their 1,000 Mbps connection first at the Platinum Point housing development in Newhaven. A specialist in providing FTTP/B broadband installations, the ISP recently launched at the Glasgow Harbour urban regeneration scheme, their first residential gigabit service in Scotland. They are rolling out gigabit service to 7 extra “hyper cities” in UK. The superfast broadband provider installs hyper-fast internet in housing developments, office blocs, multi-dwelling units and flats, housing 50 or more units in redevelopments or new builds. The ISP is working on similar installations in buildings across the city and faces stiff competition from other providers.

Tim Huxtable, national team manager at Hyperoptic, said there is a huge appetite for gigabit connections as per feedback rebounding from the announcement of their coming to Edinburgh. He added that the developments they work with are thrilled with resident feedback. He pointed out that as a nation, we are evermore reliant on fast, reliable access and buffering or slowdowns, get more frustrating. It is a well documented fact that people would avoid moving in if slow speeds are found, he remarked.

Fergus Ewing, the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity, wants Scotland to become a world-class digital nation. He said a key part is to future-proof their digital infrastructure and have committed to provide by 2021, superfast broadband to 100% of premises in Scotland. He welcomed the announcement of Hyperoptic that businesses and residents of Edinburgh are able to get gigabit broadband. Commercial investments play a huge part in delivering the commitment, he added.

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