Chancellor confirms over £1 billion investment marked for better broadband

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

The Autumn Statement of the Government has allocated a huge £1 billion pot, to improve the Broadband infrastructure of the country, in the new Digital Infrastructure Fund, revealed Chancellor Philip Hammond. There's also a £740 pot for trialling new technology for 5G based mobile services. Deployment of fibre-optic broadband to as many premises as possible is the priority, as there are major coverage gaps to be fixed.

The billion pound fund aims to connect an extra 2 million homes and businesses to access Gigabit broadband, mainly on the full fibre FTTP rollout. According to a report, the Chancellor is concerned that UK is falling behind in the race to rollout fibre networks, compared to other nations. According to a source, the future of broadband is seen in full-fibre networks which help people to share digital content much faster and is more reliable than traditional copper cables, plus are more secure.

The next generation 5G mobile services to follow after 4G, is portrayed to be faster and capable of handling more data and the government wants to be up front in the global race to set it up. Local authorises who have a network willing to run a trial in the new technology, in their area, can bid for a little of the £740 million allocated in the new Digital Infrastructure Fund.

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