B4RN gets grant to roll out 1Gbps broadband to Barbon and Middleton

Wednesday, January 25th 2017

The YDNPA has given from the Sustainable Development Fund it holds, a grant of £9,900 to the rural Cumbrian villages of Barbon and Middleton. The Yorkshire Dales National-Park Authority's funding is to help rollout a 1Gbps capable network on FTTH technology by B4RN.

The network infrastructure, which is expanding nearly constantly, will be built with support of a strong local team of community volunteers. It was last year (April 2016) that the B4RN Barbon & Middleton Community Group was formed to join hands with B4RN. Both Barbon and Middleton villages found in the Lune Valley are connected by the A683 road and some 2.2 miles apart. Residents of the two villages in the community group has made great progress already. The first 15 premises in Barbon got connected in November of 2016, using a mix of either a Wi-Fi solution (up to 200-300 Mbps) or a FTTH/P line (up to 1Gbps).

However, the new grant of £9,900 from YDNP has given the rollout a big boost. The investment will help fund the main fibre-optic cabinet, that will serve both communities of Barbon and Middleton, which is to be placed in Barbon Village Hall and to also link forward to Dent and Garsdale. It should be noted that a majority of the investment for the rollout, about 70%, has been already raised by the residents, by investing in shares of B4RN. The total target set has been about £130,000 and so the extra grant would bring it close to being fully funded.

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