Toucan customers get 3 month ZoneAlarm Security Suite trial

Friday, September 14th 2007

Toucan provides free ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for its customers for 3 months trial period. If you sign up to its 512K or 8Mb broadband package, you will get this excellent internet security tool which protects your system from hackers, spyware, worms, identity thieves, spam etc.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite comes with triple defense firewall and can do the following things much more efficiently than the usual firewall that comes with your PC.

When you use ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite,

Hackers cannot access to your PC.
Others on the internet cannot detect your PC, as it is set to invisible mode by the firewall.Spyware is prevented from stealthily taking away your personal information from your PC.
Your programs, data, and OS are absolutely safe as they cannot be attacked by malware.

The antivirus and antispam features of this software are automatically updated periodically, so your PC is completely protected from all viruses, spyware and worms.

The Smart Defense Advisor that comes with this software optimizes the virus protection while DefenseNet makes sure that your PC is enabled with the latest security features and updates provided by ZoneAlarm user community.

Other security features include protection from harmful attachments that come with emails and phishing attacks.

The parental controls and wireless protection help you to monitor your systems and keep your PCs secure from the attacks of wireless thieves.

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