Tiscali TV show disappointing numbers

Wednesday, November 14th 2007

The leading triple play provider Tiscali published its financial report on the performance of various divisions of the company that operate in Europe and the UK for nine months period that ended 30 September 2007. According to the numbers released by the ISP, there are over 2.6 million customers alone in its UK broadband division thanks to the addition of 638,000 ADSL customers during the last nine months. It should be noted that the Pipex’s broadband division which was annexed by Tiscali in September also contributed to this rise in Tiscali broadband customer base.

Tiscali TV was started in August and had 36,000 customers by the end of September. In fact, the ISP acquired Homechoice TV in August and re-branded it as Tiscali TV. Homechoice TV was reported to have more than 40 thousand customers when the acquisition took place so the current numbers shows nearly 10 per cent decline in Tiscali TV customer base.

Pipex deal was one of the major acquisitions that took place in 2007 and the takeover might have cost Tiscali a great deal. The deal which included the broadband and voice divisions of Pipex was completed in mid-September. Both the acquisitions were made by Tiscali with an aim to diversify its products, help Tiscali compete with other major ISPs in UK and also enable the Italian based broadband provider to reach more UK households across the UK.

Tiscali financial report also reveals that new connections are registered at a rate 250 per day. The number of LLu enabled exchanges were 800 by the end of September which means the ISP’s LLu network is now able to reach 55 percent of households in UK.

As far as the total customers that include broadband, phone, dial up and Pipex broadband customers are concerned, there are more than 3 million Tiscali customers in the UK. 

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