62k Customers refunded by TalkTalk and Tiscali

Friday, March 4th 2011

It has been reported that following the order put forward by the telecommunications regulator of the United Kingdom, Ofcom, to refund the customers that were mischarged by ISPs TalkTalk and Tiscali, the providers have compensated 62,000 customers in total.

Incidentally, the investigation by the regulator had been sparked off by over a thousand complaints from the customers that were billed for services previously cancelled by them.

The investigation by the regulator carried out last July, had resulted, according to Ofcom, in the two internet service providers paying nearly GBP 2.5 million in good will payments and refunds.

As a matter of fact, a deadline of 2 December was given to the internet service providers for complying with the existing rules of telecommunications, which prohibit firms to bill customers for services, which have been hardly provided.

On the other hand, internet service providers, Tiscali UK and TalkTalk UK are facing another grave issue which is all about the customers being provided with an incentive by the issues with the billing systems of Tiscali and TalkTalk, to switch.

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