New 4G Mobile Plans for Three UK's SME's

Thursday, July 19th 2018

Three UK recently conducted a survey in the month of May 2018 among small business management people of around 1000 in the UK. The survey revealed that most of the SMEs feel that mobile technology & internet usage on mobile phones than other devices are better whereas around 23% revealed that mobile tariffs are more complicated. Based on the survey results, Three UK has launched 3 new 4G Mobile plans known as “Simply Business” for small businesses.

The results also revealed that 81% told that smartphones satisfied their most of their business requirements. Around 63% of SMEs also told that the important device for them was their mobile phone for executing their job, about 51% agreed that laptops are their important for them and 49% gone with their desktop.

But it is not clear that whether all of those surveyed really required a desktop or laptop. Whereas mobiles are handy in use but for bigger writing tasks, we will go with destops. The fact is that in a quarter the surveyed group have told that they have faster and reliable internet service in their smartphone rather than in their fixed lines. But there would be issues of availability of network, traffic management, personal service etc but the operator did not go in depth in the survey.

Three UK's new "Simply Business" plans with 4G SIM only are detailed below.

2GB (using Tethering)
It is offered at a price of £7.50 plus Vat per month.

20GB (using Tethering) + Go Binge
It is offered at a price of £12.50 plus Vat per month.

40GB (30GB via Tethering) + Go Binge
It is offered at a price of £17.50 plus Vat per month.

All the above plans cover a 24 months contract term, Feel at Home – free roaming) and unlimited minutes, unlimited texts.

Three UK’s Chief Commercial Officer - Richard Woodward said that Simply Business plans will be useful for all startups, micro businesses, family firms which offer them to keep their business connected with always and reduction in cost of internet usage by providing more data to meet their growth requirements.

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