Essential plans removed & reduction in prices of Advanced plans by Three UK

Saturday, September 8th 2018

UK's mobile operator Three UK has announced that their low cost mobile “essesntial plans” have been withdrawn which will not be available for new customers to simplify their tariffs and planning to focus on Advanced plans. On the other side, the service provider has reduced their 30 Gb & 100 Gb plans of 4G data.

The difference between their plans are add-ons and flexibility. Advanced plans provide for free roaming (71 locations), tethering and Go Binge (offers to stream Netflix, Deezer, Apple music and more without data usage). Whereas the Essential plans focus only on the smaller data allowances, unlimited texts with lesser calling minutes. Everyone does not need all these extra add ons. Hence their decion of withdrawing essential plans is surprising.

The SIM only Advanced plans are offered from £16 a month whereas the Essential plans are offered at only £9 a month. And also the service provider has reduced the prices of SIM Only Advanced plans for 12 months offering data of 30GB to £17 (current price is £18) and 100 GB data plan for £20 (current price is £31). there is no mention about the end date for these prices and it is expected that the offers will be available for atleast 4 weeks.

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