TalkTalk: Now Home Move Service free for customers

Monday, August 12th 2013

Now moving to a new home without being charged for broadband has become a reality. TalkTalk customers can enjoy free Home Move service rather than being charged as before.

This service was launched in 2009 so that customers can use it while shifting their home. Customers were charged for this service before but now the charge has been removed to make it free if they agree to install broadband connection on themselves at their new home.

On TalkTalk’s online website, customers can easily mention when he wants the service to be ended at the old home and when it must be activated at the new one. Also, he can opt for self installation or book for an engineer for installation right on the website itself. Apart from all these moving customers can also upgrade their broadband package if required. TalkTalk even replaces the unfit router with a new one without any charges.

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