TalkTalk allays the Fears regarding the Chinese Eye shrouding their Security Service

Monday, August 16th 2010

One of the leading broadband and home phone providers operating in the United Kingdom, TalkTalk has given an explanation for every concern expressed on its forthcoming security service, by a popular broadband comparison website.


As a matter of fact, the controversial security service recommended by TalkTalk had shot into news headlines a month back after a number of the ISP's customers noticed that the system was monitoring their website browsing activity without consent.


Following this, TalkTalk stated that the security service that allegedly prepares an anonymous record of the website addresses (URLs) visited by the customers formed part of fresh free security service that would be launched before 2010 end after a proper public trial. The ISP had put forward the statement with a view to mitigate the fears of the customers regarding invasion of privacy by the new system.


It is interesting that the technical wing of the internet service provider has also claimed that the provider hardly had any visibility of the URLs. Nonetheless, the comfort provided by this statement of the ISP eroded in a very short time after it was revealed that the information would be stored remotely in a device, which were to be solely managed by Huawei, the Chinese tech-giant.


When the broadband website, ISP Review told the ISP that there was concern that Huawei, which has been alleged to be a part of state sponsored cyber espionage previously, could have visibility of the data tracked, it said that URLs were seldom linked to the customers and every webpage was publicly accessible.

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