Stephen Fry to Judge TalkTalk 3 Strikes Law Protest Competition

Monday, December 28th 2009

It has been reported that the Twitter champion and satirist Stephen Fry has agreed to judge a competition conducted by the popular broadband internet and phone provider operating in the United Kingdom, TalkTalk. The competition is all about creating a poem, song or any other form of artistic expressions that protest against the three strikes anti-online filesharing law proposed by the government.

The most creative and intriguing protest material that is show-cased in the competition launched by TalkTalk will be presented GBP 3000 by the broadband provider. TalkTalk has opened up the competition to anyone through a dedicated website. The website will accept artistic expressions of any form, providing these are submitted before January 22, 2010 and can be accessed online.

Fry, on the other hand, is one person that has never tried to hide his view on the UK government’s proposed three strikes law. For doing this the main medium employed by him was the social website; Twitter.

Fry commented while speaking on his role as judge for the competition that he was no defender of a criminal systematically and deliberately downloading content online, although he deemed the three strikes law move from the government as constitutionally outrageous, epically foolish, morally unfair and ill conceived. He further opined that this was not the ideal way to protect and fortify creative music, and film and TV industries, instead it was a step to alienate further the industries, from the very people on whom those depended on.

Fry also accused studios and major labels for maintaining an abysmal misunderstanding of the internet world. He substantiated his view by stating that the law would only incriminate the small time or even innocent customers as the big-time illegal filesharers would be obviously smart enough to keep attention at bay.

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