Private Sector Can Push Broadband Growth

Tuesday, November 10th 2009

Fibre Broadband RolloutAccording to one of the popular broadband service provider in the United Kingdom, the private sector should be allowed to bring up the next generation's superfast fibre optic broadband internet networks as soon as possible.


Chief Executive of TalkTalk UK ISP Charles Dunstone opined that private investment was essential for the development of the country's broadband infrastructure and there should not be any obstacle from the part of the government in the path to further developments.


He pointed out that when broadband was first introduced the network reached out to only 60 percent of the population, where as at present there was 99 per cent of coverage across the country. The credit goes to the involvement of private companies. Dunstone feels that the private sector should be given the chance to upgrade next generation's broadband service as possible as it can.


At this stage public funding would be a mere waste, and at the same time it was also going to waste the customers money besides slowing down the roll out. Earlier in the week, the popular cheap business broadband provider TalkTalk had come out with a report that the customers from low income households would hesitate to get a broadband connection due to the government's 50p per month broadband tax.

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