Digital Economy Act review sought bt BT and TalkTalk

Friday, July 9th 2010

Reports say that two of the leading broadband internet providers operating in the United Kingdom are found to be calling for a review of the government's Digital Economy Act.

To be preciser, the broadband bundle providers in the United Kingdom, BT and TalkTalk have teamed up to demand a review into the controversial legislation on online illegal downloading.

Alongside, BBC News has suggested that the two companies that offered a variety of deals featuring broadband, digital TV and home phone services are looking ahead to the consideration of the legality of the included measures by the highcourt.

It also looked as if the legislation that featured guidelines to apprehend illegal downloading was rushed through the parliament not considering for a long debate that has been the procedure with ither legislations.

These internet service proviers have also stated that the fresh guidelines to tackle persistent downloaders were unfair as they only applied to firms with more than 400,000 subscribers.

The executive director at TalkTalk, Andrew Heaney revealed to the news provider that this meant they could enjoy massive swathes of customers switching to smaller broadband providers to avoid detection.

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