WiFI Hotspot Advantage for Virgin Trains

Friday, November 6th 2009

Virgin Trains Offer WiFi HotspotsIt has been reported that a few Virgin Train routes are being provided with Wi-Fi wireless broadband services currently. An announcement by the company revealed that renowned mobile broadband service provider of the United Kingdom, T-Mobile was joining hands with Nomad Digital, to prepare a wireless broadband platform for the passengers who travel on Super Voyager trains shuttling between Scotland and Birmingham and also between Chester, Wales and London.

In addition to this, passengers who board the train on first class tickets are entitled to get complimentary WiFi wireless broadband hot spot services as complimentary. Meanwhile, Graham Leech, Executive Director of Commercial atVirgin Trains opined that the broadband provider T-Mobile has a firm record in developing and providing these services.

He said that they were always looking forward to improve the passengers' travel experience and convenience and they were pleased to fulfill the requests made by the Trains authority for access to the internet broadband service in their trains.

It was only last month announced that Campanile Hotels were providing its customers with free Wi-Fi broadband services after a platform trial that proved to be successful. The news was announced by Breaking Travel news.

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