T-Mobile Will Offer WiFi Mobile Broadband Hotspot

Tuesday, September 22nd 2009

T-Mobile to Launch its Wifi Mobile Broadband HotspotFollowing the heroics of rival mobile broadband providers 3 UK and Vodafone, T-Mobile has announced its plans to provide its customers with a fresh mobile broadband nicety that effectuates a web-based cloud, which can be shared among multiple users.


T-Mobile that has come into big time news recently for its merger announcement with broadband provider Vodafone, will host the Intelligent Mobile 2352 Hotspot designed by Novatel Wireless across the United Kingdom. For the materialisation of this, Novatel has been reported to have agreed on a deal with the UK mobile phone giant, Carphone Warehouse.

 The new WiFi mobile broadband platform proposed by the group is expected to help the customers hare connections of up to five devices that are WiFi enabled. The devices may include portable media players, laptops, netbooks, gaming consoles and mobile phones.

 The Carphone Warehouse chief for the UK, Andrew Harrison said that customers were more likely to accept wholeheartedly, the system's flexibility. He added that users could access the device to check their mail, social networks and also download content from anywhere there was a mobile connection, including moving vehicles or trains.

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