T-Mobile and Orange brands to remain in UK

Friday, May 14th 2010

It is been reported that both T Mobile and Orange will hold back their individual branding in the UK market, in spite of uniting to form a new company.
BBC says that neither will be terminated following the UK amalgamation of mobile broadband operation of France and Deutsche Telecom.

Earlier this week, it was disclosed that the former two competitors might become a part of Everything Everywhere, a young company with combined customer base of about 30 million people.

The chief executive of the firm, Tom Alexander stated that Orange and T Mobile has got soul personalities and hence might be looking to sustain and toughen.
He added that while Orange has more premium service offering, T-Mobile has got a value oriented and straight appeal.

He concluded saying, “We are Everything Everywhere – it is our name, our ambition and our vision and that we function two of the biggest brands of UK, T-Mobile and Orange”.

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