Orange and T-Mobile bend to have Merger approved

Friday, February 19th 2010

Orange and T-Mobile, two leading mobile operators in the United Kingdom seem pretty desperate now-a-days to push through with their proposed merger.


This is more than apparent from their recent move of announcing that they are ready to sacrifice some of their market monopoly if that could realise the proposed big event.


It is also apparent enough that no broadband provider in the horizon of the United Kingdom mobile broadband market apart from Orange and T-Mobile would be interested to see the materialisation of such a move. A move that could possibly create the largest mobile broadband provider in the United Kingdom with immense say in the market.


According to the leading newspaper the Financial Times, the authorities have delayed the approval for the merger citing existing concerns over the heavy chunk of 1800MHz mobile bandwidth, which would be enjoyed by the combined firm.


However, it seems the parent firms of T-Mobile and Orange, Deutsche Telekom of Germany and France Telecom of France have taken its as a do or die issue as they now are anticipating a favourable decision on the propsed deal from the European Commission within March 2010.

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