Fresh Mobile Broadband Gift Packs from T-Mobile

Wednesday, September 30th 2009

T-Mobile one of the main five mobile broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom, has come up with a collection of gift packages developed to prop up the mobile broadband use among the people.

T-Mobile that has sprung up to the mainstream news of the late, after its announcement of a merger with another major player in the segment, Orange UK, offers two types of mobile broadband packages. One comes with a contract period of twelve months, and the other, a more convenient one for the beginners with a contract term of three months.
Both these three and twelve month broadband contract options allow the subscribers to enjoy internet access for a one-time payment. These mobile broadband packages also offer savings of more than 25 per cent compared to the daily payment (pay-per-day) mobile broadband packages.
Both the mobile broadband deals from T-Mobile, do not fall back in providing the subscribers with a free mobile broadband dongle, of the USB kind. Moreover, the packages also include unlimited browsing allowances for the duration of the contract period.
T-Mobile’s three month broadband gift pack comes with a GBP 44.03 price tag, while the twelve month alternative costs GBP 146.79.
T-Mobile’s PAYG market head, Helen Wylde commented on the deals that those were designed to attract and help more people towards internet use. She added that with a one time up-front price, packed with their promise of hardly any run-on rates for the people using T-Mobile’s unlimited mobile broadband service, it was the ideal present for friends and family.

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