Sky’s new package for consumers

Wednesday, March 14th 2012

Sky, the broadcaster and provider, has adapted a new technique to attract consumers. Currently, as a new tactics the operator has doubled the value of its Marks & Spencer voucher for all customers who are willing to sign up for Sky+HD or SKY+.

As per the latest offer launched by Sky, any consumer who enter in to an agreement for the online service as part of a double or triple-play bundle are entitled to receive Marks & Spencer voucher worth 100 Pounds. Formerly the firm offered a voucher worth only 50 Pounds. The other attractions of the deal are a free wireless router, a free Sky+ or Sky+ HD box and free installation.

The starter bundle of the package options is 20 Pounds per month along with line rental of 12.25 Pounds a month. This package includes a monthly download limit of 2GB, free weekend and evening landline calls within the UK and a broadband connection of 20Mbps.

With regard to TV deals, more than 40 entertainment channels together with Sky Living, Sky1 and Sky Atlantic are included. Since a Sky + Box are included, you can watch what you want and when you want. For additional payment subscribers can choose additional Sky channels. Sports Fan Package which covers 60 Sky sports channels is also available to satisfy the sports enthusiasts. Formula 1 channel is also going to be opened shortly. Twelve movie channels, consisting of different categories, family, comedy and action are also made available to satisfy the movie lovers.

Competition in the communications field is increasing like anything that it becomes necessary for each and every broadcaster or provider to find new techniques to entice customers in order to keep their place in tact. However educated, consumers are often carried away by the catchy advertisements of marketing wizards.

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