Sky to introduce fiber broadband without caps

Friday, April 13th 2012

Sky informed that it has plans to introduce a fiber based bundle sometime during this month. It is just about to open up online registration to the prospective customers for Sky Fiber Unlimited internet and phone bundle.

GBP 20 a month has to be paid for Sky Fiber Unlimited. The customers of the fiber network coverage area can get even 40 Mbps download speed with the help an unlimited product without any usage caps.

Currently broadband is available to 30% of the UK homes. As BT Openreach goes ahead with its fiber roll out plans, that figure is going to rise. In fact, BT wants at least 10 million premises customers to be added to its list by the end of the year.

Those interested in the fiber service have to sign up for a Sky Talk calling plan and a Sky phone line. Sky Talk Freetime is free of charge, but there is an option of unlimited free calls to landlines throughout the day by paying GBP 5. The line rental is GBP 12.25 per month. Thus, the cost of the total package is GBP 32.25 a month.

Sky’s 40 Mbps service will be competing with Virgin Media and BT, the leading fiber broadband providers, both of which are trying to increase their speeds. As BT promises a speed of up to 76 Mbps, Virgin Media claims to provide a speed between 100 and 120 Mbps. Any way Sky is not likely to do any upgrade currently.

Sky’s package is attractive because of the ‘unlimited’ traffic offer. Most of the service providers have some usage cap for ensuring the availability of the resources to all users.

In the meantime, another service provider Be Broadband informed that its roll out plan is going to be delayed.

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