Sky launches Sky Mobile service

Friday, January 6th 2017

Sky has launched a mobile phone service that's going to be a challenge to other providers like Virgin and BT. Sky Mobile was launched on Thursday, which is a MVNO proposition, that virtually uses the O2 network to deliver its service to customers. The service aims to capitalise on so-called 'unused data', which is the mobile data customers have left unused, over a plan period, but paid for and unable to carry over to the next period.

Sky has found in its research that a monthly average of 1GB goes unused, that is, on an average customers use its only half of the mobile data they buy, which extrapolates to about £2 billion yearly, or a relative £50 per customer per mobile. Sky also found that customers tend to choose a bigger data allowance than needed to avoid running out of data later on use.

Sky had earlier in November highlighted the key asset of the Sky Mobile service. One is that customers can roll over every month their unused data into an online piggy-bank account, to be used whenever they want in the next 3 years. Second is that customers can make a plan for themselves and can change it every month, if needed. Thirdly Sky TV customers on any Sky Mobile data plan needn't pay for their UK calls or texts with it.

Sky Chief Executive for UK and Ireland, Stephan Van Rooyen, said they have provided a solution offering great value and flexibility to unused data of customers and a plan suitable for them, month to month. He added that Sky TV customers get more benefits with free UK calls and texts, with the facility to sync with the customers' Sky+ box.

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