Sky aims to deliver Happily Ever After Campaign with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Friday, June 25th 2010

Sky, the Internet Service Provider pulls out the broadband campaign termed as ‘Happily Ever After’, urging users to find their own conclusion on the micro blogging site Twitter.

Broadband Provider calls the nation to invoke a different finale for numerous well-known Fables. It should use just 140 characters or even less through Twitter or the competition website by Sky.

Meanwhile, the campaign also receives full support from Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the Pop Star. She in addition to writing her own ending to the fable is expected to pick out the winning entry.

She claims that this Happily Ever After contest via Twitter has further helped her be in contact with her inner child. She also urges her followers or outsiders as well to take part in this contest, putting their own endings to the common fairy tales.

Additionally, the recent cross-media advertising campaign also continue over 30 days covering characters such as the Jack and the Beanstalk’s Giant, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf and the Frog Prince. It also aids to support the broadband package by Internet Service Providers’.

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