Subscribers of Sky LLU face Speed issues in Certain Exchanges

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

It looked as if people who had subscribed to Sky broadband are some of the newest people to face problems due to congestion however these issues are restricted to few telephone exchanges when compared to the number of exchanges that are connected via Sky broadband throughout the UK.

The issues shows up as and when there is an increase in latency which then has an effect when playing online games and when streaming video. Sometimes in intense circumstances it seemed to slow down even when trying to access content rich websites. Actually the problem does not lie with the basic Sky network, but it looks as if the issue arises in regions where the exchanges are daisy-linked which is a technique used to link them back to the main network.

It was on the 1st of March that the list of exchanges was updated with dates informing when additional capacity will be increased at the different exchanges.

Separate exchanges that have been facing congestion is not a rare occurrence, it occurs in BT Wholesale exchanges frequently, and can be attributed to the increase in the number of broadband users and the utilization levels. Therefore there is nothing really to be anxious about, provided Sky is able to ensure that the dates for the upgrades are met. May be the utilization of services like Netflix and SkyAnytime+ has increased the demand curve, which implies that the upgrades that had been designed earlier were not carried out at the right time.

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