Large increase in Sky broadband customer base

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

212,000 new customers have been added to the Sky Broadband service in the previous quarter, as a result of which, the broadband customer strength of the provider has risen to 3,863,000. The product to customer ratio is 2.6, which is understandable, as the customers have to take Sky line rental for availing the broadband.

The ratio between fully unbundled and shared Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) customers is on the rise. There are 2.4 million customers on the full LLU whereas shared service constitutes 1.2 million customers. The balance 227,000 customers belong to the off-net product category, provided by BT Wholesale. Sky does not have any LLU presence in it.

Sky network is on the rise, with the addition of 57 exchanges in the quarter. Thus there are 1964 exchanges in the UK covering 83% of the households.

Sky has been upgrading its capacity regularly irrespective of the norm of the UK broadband services.

The profits of Sky have increased by 15% to ₤908 million during the previous year. This confirms the fact that their combination of bundling will allow more upgrades in proportion to the growing usage.

It will be interesting to know as to how helpful the ₤20 and ₤30 fibre products will be with the customers who are in need of extra speeds which will enable them to watch Sky Go with their laptop, by downloading a box-set through Sky AnyTime+. They can also play new blockbuster games online.

The provision of an 80/20 fibre product to suit the speed and usage requirements of the Sky customers is indeed a huge task.

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