ISP Sky’s price hike on their packages

Monday, February 25th 2019

Recently in this month, the ISP Sky has announced that they have raised the prices of their Broadband, Phone and TV service Packages with effective from April 1, 2019. Of which, it has hiked its prices by £2 per month on its FTTC fibre broadband plans.

Sky’s current plans for broadband, phone and TV, which are out of the contract, will see price increase of around additional £1 to £2 per month. However the new customers will get discounts as usual if they continue with the ISP after first minimum contract period. As the prices of all these services are getting increased, those availed bundle services/ other add-ons will face a significant increase.

Sky’s new prices from April 1, 2019
Sky Entertainment - £27.00 (Old price: £25)
Sky Sports HD - £6.00 (Old price: £6)
Sky Multiscreen - £13.00 (Old price: £12)
Sky Q Multiscreen Pack - £13.00 (Old price: £12)
Sky Cinema With Sports - £11.00 (Old price: £10)
Sky Cinema Without Sports - £19.00 (Old price: £18)
Ultimate On Demand - £12.00 (Old price: £10)
Cinema With Sports (Migration) - £11.00 (Old price: £10)
Sky Talk Anytime Extra (Anytime) - £10.00 (Old price: £8)
Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends Extra (Free time) - £5.00 (Old price: £4)
Sky Talk Anytime Extra (24/7) - £10.00 (Old price: £8)
Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends Extra (Weekends) - £5.00 (Old price: £4)
Sky Talk Anytime Extra (Anytime UK) - £10.00 (Old price: £8)
Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends Extra - £5.00 (Old price: £4)
Sky Talk Anytime Extra - £10.00 (Old price: £8)
Sky Fibre Max - £27.00 (Old price: £25)
Sky Fibre Unlimited - £22.00 (Old price: £20)
Sky Broadband Unlimited - £12.01 (Old price: £11.01)

The price hike generally is due to additional new services/content, implementing new systems and more data usage etc. The ISPs need to follow some new regulatory rules say example adoption of costly automatic compensation system, end of the contract notification letters etc. These leads to increase in their costs and automatically will lead to tariff change.

A spokesperson for the company said that they are trying to keep their costs low and offer wider choice for the customers to select the best suitable package. Usually price hike is not welcome by anyone, however they hope that the customers can find the ISPs innovation, great content and industry-leading customer service give great value.

Sky has also updated with a new tariff guide and the cost of calling may set to increase for Sky Talk customers with effect from May 1, 2019.

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