Fresh Broadband Ad Campaign planned by Sky

Tuesday, March 9th 2010

The leading provider of broadband and digital TV bundles in the United Kingdom Sky Broadband has announced its seeking a fresh partner with a view to develop a new marketing campaign.


This according to the internet service provider comes as part of a fresh marketing campaign planned by it that would see the launch of an advertising campaign in its initial part.


According to reports broadband provider Sky was seeking a fresh advertisement agency to boost its promotions that would play a significant part in the major marketing campaign that would be launched later in 2010.


Sky hopes that the campaign would be a key one for improving its subscriber figures that had witnessed a surge by 101,000 during the last three months of the previous year.


The broadband TV budle provider currently works with the likes of AKQA, Brothers and Sisters and WCRS on advertising campaigns. These campaigns had been focused by the company to promote its free Sky+HD set-top box offer to its fresh as well as existing customers.


Sky is also on the threshold to introduce the first dedicated 3D TV channel in Europe in the month of April.

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