Post Office's new 3 months free Anytime UK Calls Plans

Thursday, November 15th 2018

Hereafter you cannot find Free weekend calls along with the broadband packages of Post Office ISP. They have replaced in their various broadband packages with limited period offer of 3 months free Anytime Plus UK calls and chargeable at 10 extra after 3 months. If anyone requires free weekend calls, they have to pay extra 2. Anytime Plus free calls cover unlimited calls to UK landlines, 1000 mins to mobiles, 1000 minutes to 0870/ 0845 and 1000 mins to other 15 countries.

Even the call charges are also going to increase between 1 to 2 p say call connections charges per call may go from 21p to 22p and from 12 to 14 p for access charge. There will be new line installation charges of 30 for standard connection and 60 for FTTC packages applicable.

The customers will expect to get unlimited data usage, a wireless router, free anytime calls to other Post Office Home Phones, phone line rental included, free UK support and free online tool for Parental Controls. They also agrees that they will not raise the monthly price during the minimum contract period except call costs.

Their packages are:

Unlimited Broadband:
With an average speed of 11 Mbps at a price of 15.90 a month (30 thereafter) for a contract term of 12 Months at no Upfront Charge.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband:
With an average speed of 36 Mbps at a price of 28 a month (37 thereafter) for a contract term of 18 Months at an Upfront Charges of 30.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus:
With an average speed of 63 Mbps at a price of 32 a month (42 thereafter) for a contract term of 18 Months at an Upfront Charges of 30.

The above offers will be available until January 13, 2019.

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