Northumberland gets additional £3.85m for superfast broadband

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

A total sum of £3.85m has further been secured by the people of the remote parts of Northumberland to lay super fast broadband all across the county. With this about 5,000 properties will get broadband connectivity in areas such as Hexhamshire, North Tyne and Redesdale, Riding Mill, Felton and Coquetdale. Hence, people getting broadband with slower dial-up system will be greatly benefited. It is expected that this county will get superfast broadband with a total fund of almost £32m by the end of this decade.

Reports say that £3.85m has been won from the bids pertaining to Defra’s Rural Community Broadband Fund and that £28m has been won as part of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s flagship BDUK (superfast broadband scheme).

The bids have been won after more than 11,500 individual properties registered with the county council. Having won the bids, proposals will be submitted to Defra.

Also, further bids will be made in order to deliver super fast broadband to additional 11,000 properties across Northumberland. While BT has already upgraded exchanges such as Ponteland, Ashington, Blyth, Bedlington, Morpeth and Cramlington, plans to upgrade Prudhoe and Hexham exchanges this year and also Berwick next year is under plan. The deputy leader of the county council has stated that an additional £3.85m will boost up the fund and is looking forward to more of such funds to strengthen the scheme further.

Hence, he has urged every business and household to register at for further support.

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