EC concentrates more for single telecoms market

Thursday, May 27th 2010

The European Commission on Tuesday released the fifteenth version of its annual report and found that the regulation of the telecoms remains nationally focussed across the region, but the regulators are postponing their duties over the introduction of EU laws. According to the report, the growth of next generation broadband networks is fully dependent on the enforcement of legislation all over Europe.

Neelie Kroes, digital agenda commissioner of EU said that the limited advancement for a true  single market is unsatisfying though the speedy progress in the mobile broadband and low-cost internet access for the customers are a good news.

According to the report, broadband services of more than 10Mbps is offered on less than 20 percent of lines. This is in comparison with the 23.2 percent across EU. According to the EC report, the percentage of UK homes adopting fixed broadband stood at 29.8 in the month of January. While the mobile broadband usage percentage rose to 6.65.

The European commission also reported that the UK citizens for the first time used their mobile phones for broadband service more than the fixed land line phones in the year 2009. This indirectly reduced expenditure on telecom service leading to a fall in the consumer prices for telecom services in the UK.

Digital Agenda strategy was launched by Kroes to stimulate information and communications technology across Europe. In a speech she said that this activity was one of the key factors essential for economic growth.

Kroes said that the economic and social progress of years has been wiped out because of the financial crisis. She also said that the Europe would become a broken economy if ICTs are not properly used over the next decade.

In the speech Kroes stressed that the world's biggest broadband market is Europe but at the same time it falls back in economies such as US on information and communication technology. She warned that this situation will not change until their broadband is 100 times slower than in some Asian countries.

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