Bad weather causes problems for broadband in UK

Tuesday, October 16th 2012

The recent flooding experienced at various places of the UK have most likely affected the broadband roll-out schedule as well. Engineering staff would have been pulled out of projects to look into repairs of existing infrastructure.

Some parts of UK now need six weeks to install new telephone and broadband connections. The worst hit places have seen roads severely damaged, which will see both copper and fibre networks being affected.

Copper joint and fibre splicing for repairs will mean pumping out of water from pavement chambers and such tasks. Openreach, the infrastructure company of the BT Group, has declared updates on the Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control (MBORC) list, demonstrating that things are well beyond normal. Weather has affected the projects of Openreach, but it is not unique to copper local loop network as fibre too can be affected by flooding.

Hopefully better weather in autumn will help broadband work to gather momentum to bring the awaited superfast connectivity to all areas.

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