ISP Plusnet's launch of Fixed Price Broadband contracts

Monday, August 13th 2018

UK's budget ISP Plusnet has launched their range of fixed price broadband and line rental contracts in which the price will be same for the minimum contract period to the residential & small business customers.

The service provider has promised to conduct account review at the end of the contract term to ensure whether the customers are under the best suitable package. Also they are following the regulating authority Ofcom's contract clarity measures in which customers will be informed about price increases in post contract term upon well before completion of the contract term.

All these changes are not applicable to existing contract customers. It is applicable to small business and residential customers who are taking new contract, re contracts or changing the product. These fixed rates are applicable for broadband and line rental service alone and other extras such as call charge rates, call plans, BT Sports, TV, set up charges etc will be subject to price changes during the contract term. And it is not extended for mobile plans and there are some terms in case of those shifting their house if you shift from Plusnet's low cost area to non low cost area. But luckily only 0.9% is falling in non low cost areas.

Existing customers can see further details through their Plusnet's My account login (Help-> My Account -> General Account Questions -> Fixed Price Contracts). The change in fixed term price is following the success of similar fixed price plans of TalkTalk. Other than this, the provider's packages are remain same. The new customers will receive a wireless router, unlimited usage, phone line rental, UK based customer support and parental controls. There are also many add ons available at extra charges for new phone line, there will be a one time installation charges of 49.99 applicable. The packages are as below:

Unlimited Broadband
with 10 Mbps average download speed at a price of 19.99 per month for 18 months contract term and 29.98 thereafter along with 5 Activation fee plus bonus of 50 as Cashback.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband
with 36 Mbps average download speed at a price of 23.99 per month for 18 months contract term and 34.98 thereafter along with Free Activation.

Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband
with 66 Mbps average download speed at a price of 28.99 per month for 18 months contract term and 39.98 thereafter along with Free Activation.

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