Pipex Wireless to hit market with FREEDOM4 tag

Saturday, October 6th 2007

Pipex wireless joined hands with FREEDOM4, the WiMAX leader to roll out its WiMAX test services in selected areas in the UK. Pipex, the fifth largest ISP in UK has already launched its WiMAX broadband services in Milton Keynes and Warwick for trial period.

Pipex will extend this service to other areas including Manchester for which it has allied with FREEDOM4 so as to use the WiMAX leader's expertise in wireless broadband access.

Pipex has agreed to rename its WiMAX product and the WiMAX services in these areas will be rolled out under the brand name of FREEDOM4. It is expected that FREEDOM4 which has worked with big names in wireless industry like Nokia, Intel and Airspan and Pipex which has successfully test its WiMAX services in Milton Keynes will offer reliable and high speed wireless broadband to the customers in Manchester.

Mike Read, the Chief Executive of FREEDOM4 expressed his optimism over the scope of WiMAX technology.
"WiMAX is an exciting technology, requiring a new approach to broadband delivery, so the time is right to launch our services with a fresh brand. Over the next year, we believe that FREEDOM4 will become the name associated with broadband wireless internet and look forward to the next stage as our services are rolled out in Milton Keynes, Warwick, Manchester and other parts of the UK."

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