Pipex gives a facelift to its packages

Sunday, November 4th 2007

After Tiscali has acquired Pipex broadband division a couple of months ago, the restructuring of Pipex's broadband deals has been a long due.

As expected, Pipex has made a few notable changes in the features of the existing packages as well as in its product line which will now has one more package.

Speed remains unchanged as 8 Mb broadband providers is nowadays considered to suit all kinds of users. Surprisingly, Pipex Max, the premier package which had been an unlimited deal will now be capped with 30 GB. The existing packages - Pipex Mini and Pipex Midi will offer download limits of 2 GB and 10 GB respectively. If you want additional usage, you can go for top-ups which are available £3.00 for a 3 GB usage block.  Pipex Pro, the new package which will offer 100 GB monthly usage allowance is aimed to meet the requirements of heavy users.

Free Ethernet modem is available with Pipex Mini and Pipex Midi while Pipex Max and Pipex pro will offer free Wi-fi router enabling the customers to go wireless.

All Pipex packages can be taken either as stand-alone broadband packages or can be bundled with Pipex Evening and Weekend call plan which will offer free evening & weekend calls to UK landline numbers starting with 01 and 02 without any additional charges. However, you have the option to upgrade it to Anytime call plan for £5.00 per month. The upgraded plan will allow you to make unlimited broadband calls to any UK landline number anytime of a day.

Free modem and wireless router and the relatively cheaper monthly prices make the offers attractive. Pipex Mini will cost 9.99 a month whether you choose it as a stand-alone broadband package or as a broadband + basic phone bundle. The similar monthly prices of Pipex Midi, Pipex Max and Pipex Pro are £14.99, £19.99 and £39.99 respectively.

However, one off 20 connection fee could increase the first year cost of all Pipex broadband deals. The new prices will apply to new connections and will not apply to the existing customers unless upgrading to another package is chosen.

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