Security flaw identified in EE Brightbox router

Tuesday, January 21st 2014

According to reports, a researcher at UK has spotted a security problem in EE’s router which will allow anybody to access the device remotely. Hence, a decision was made to provide automatic upgrade to broadband customers and those with either the Brightbox 1 or 2 router will be affected.

Though the security problem has been described as a moderate one, an automatic upgrade will be given before the end of this month. Customers who have signed up or upgraded their routers during the start of 2012 will be affected with this problem. Nearly 350,000 customers are likely to get an upgrade as per reports.

According to EE, customers will receive a service update very soon so that their Brightboxes are updated with added security features. The researcher said that security flaw enabled a hacker to get WiFi password with which he can access administrator level control and get personal details of the customer. The hacker also could easily enter in to other’s account and cancel his broadband package completely.

According to EE, no complaints regarding this issue have been received so far. Also, passwords will not be leaked unless they are disclosed. Customers have to be careful regarding any suspicious emails or others and also keep their software updated, the network provider added.

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