Superfast broadband accessibility in Wales the worst in UK, Ofcom reports

Saturday, August 3rd 2013

Wales experiences the worst superfast broadband accessibility throughout the UK, Ofcom reports. It also adds that Wales can access just 48% of high speed internet connectivity while 73 percent of UK can.

Although Wales recorded the poorest internet accessibility it has shown an increase in the number of postcodes that are located within the reach of superfast broadband networks. It has also been learnt that the fixed line and broadband services uptake is also weak in the region. As of June 2013 just 66% of homes in Wales were found to have a broadband connection. This figure is against the average of 75% on the whole of UK. Fixed line take up stood at 76 percent when compared to 84 percent in the whole of UK.

With regards to the take up of mobile phone 23 percent of the Welsh homes own mobile phones rather than home phone service. But UK showed just 15 percent take up on an average.

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