Ofcom: Sky wins battle with BT on sport advertising

Friday, June 21st 2013

Ofcom has finally come out with the final verdict for BT Sport advertising favouring Sky. According to the verdict given by Ofcom, Sky has got the rights to disagree in placing adverts for BT Sport.

Ofcom accepted Sky’s move against BT although the former discriminated against the latter. Clear explanation was given in its 16 page ruling claiming that any broadcaster has the rights to refuse advertising about its own service from a competitor. It further stated that Sky’s refusal will not affect BT in any way as there are other options available for BT to reach the audience.

Although this case is now closed, yet another Ofcom investigation against Sky stands on its way. This time it is against the wholesale supply of Sky Sports 1 and 2 for BT’s Youview platform. It is reported that Sky wants to run both its sports channels on BT conditionally by making its sports service available on BT.

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