Ofcom releases Q1 2013 broadband provider complaints report

Monday, July 1st 2013

A data report highlighting the total number of customer complaints received by top broadband providers of the UK for Q1 2013 has been released by Ofcom, the media regulator.

Report says that between January and March top broadband providers such as BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media received 0.22 complaints per 1,000 fixed broadband subscribers. Issues pertaining to services and changing broadband provider were the major issues registered.

EE received most number of complaints with 0.57 per 1,000 subscribers. While Sky registered 0.10 complaints per 1,000 subscribers, BT and TalkTalk registered complaints at above average level with 0.33 and 0.36 per 1000 respectively. Virgin Media proved to be the best performer with lowest level of complaint registration with 0.08 per 1,000 subscribers.

According to the Director of Ofcom’s Consumer Group, service providers must see to that they work continuously to improve their performance. They are committed to provide customers with the information so as to choose the best broadband provider with ease. Such reports help Ofcom to understand where the actual fault lies and also to understand if all providers comply with their rules, he added.

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