New FTTP ISP Zzoomm by Matthew Hare

Monday, March 4th 2019

The founder of Gigaclear and former CEO of the company – Matthew Hare has formed a new company Zzoomm with his own investment of £1 million to provide alternative network services of building 1Gbps capable FTTP networks to reach the premises in small cities and suburb areas.

Matthew had a great experience in the field and had done a good work of developing Gigaclear with great success in providing full fibre networks in the hard to reach rural areas. During 2017/18, the ISP has suffered with difficult challenges. Finally the ISP had been bought by Infracapital for £270 million and the new owner replaced its management team including Matthew Hare.

Matthew Hare has recently announced about his new company Zzoomm and ready to set to provide full fibre services. The company Zzoomm Group Limited has been registered on 19th December 2018 having its registered office at London. As of now, the new company is under process of securing substantial financial investment from possible backers and they plans to target more commercially viable and profitable urban areas especially small cities (example Amersham, Hastings, Huntingdon, Weymouth and suburbs of Birmingham and London).

CEO of Zzoomm - Matthew Hare said that the full fibre revolution is happening. There are no plans for full fibre network in many small towns and suburb areas and they are suffering with very slow connectivity access with copper wires. Zzoomm is aiming to provide full fibre to these remote areas covering 4.5m homes.

Full fibre altnet providers are given more attention in recent times and various Government tax breaks, regulatory changes and funding initiates are being given to support for full fibre altnet providers over the past two years.

The CEO wants to bring first FTTP broadband lines in this summer and Zzoomm has fixed their aim to reach 1 million homes within the 5 years by 2024. They aim to focus on smaller cities and suburb areas.

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