Freeola launched ultrafast broadband packages with FTTP

Tuesday, August 14th 2018

The hosting and Internet service provider Freeola has recently launched their FTTP based ultrafast home broadband packages which offer average download speeds of 140 or 290 Mbps in peak time followed by the launch of plans. Freeola is an internet service provider which offers unrivalled services to consumers and small businesses in the UK and also offers various services such as broadband, web hosting, cheap domain names, free websites, email services, web designing and more.

The new packages are based off national FTTP network of Openreach. The network covers at present only 631000 premises in the UK which is expected to cover 3m premises by the year end 2020 and aspire to reach 10m by 2025.

The customers will get unlimited usage, website, email and domain hosting, 12 month contract, a static IP address, UK based support, automatic Distributed Denial of Service filtering. There will be one time activation fee from 62.40 including VAT. As this is a standalone service, there is no need for phone. The router is chargeable and you can choose a discounted one at 15 off on the price of the router.

The packages are as below:

Unlimited Full Fibre Broadband 160/30
With an average Download speed of 140Mbps and Upload speed of 25Mbps at a price of 59.99 per month.

Unlimited Full Fibre Broadband 330/50
With an average Download speed of 290Mbps and Upload speed of 40Mbps at a price of 74.99 per month.

Also if you prepay for a year, you can get 3 months free service. The new customers will be given back 12 which can be used on Freeola email and hosting services.

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