O2 identifies Disparity in Certain Company’s Broadband Deal Usage

Thursday, August 16th 2012

According to O2, most companies seem to be crossing the limits of the monthly data cap they are entitled to and thereby incurring surplus charges. A company with an average employee count of 50 will use not less than 61GB of Internet broadband but the fact lies that most of these companies are under broadband schemes that carry much smaller allowances, observed O2. The result of this is that these companies end up paying penalties for over usage.

All those commercial establishments that end up incurring such surpluses are better off opting for unlimited broadband deals, is what Cunliffe, Head of Partners and Strategy at O2 Wholesale put forward to Comms Dealer. Cunliffe clarified that unlimited Internet packages must have at one time seemed like a premium product and thus not accessible to small businesses but the scenario has changed today with fixed rate unlimited usage offerings being made available at the same rates as fixed usage deals for 21-32GB of data. Therefore it is only right they become entitled to unlimited usage services.

Thus will help them escape the magnitude of the skyrocketing charges they are bound to encounter if in case they exceed the imposed limits of Internet usage.

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