O2 Customers suffered signal interruption

Friday, July 13th 2012

O2 has been investigating the main cause of the signal interruption which is presently affecting their service in the United Kingdom.

O2 spokespersons told that not much information is available regarding this disruption of the signal. The provider is not sure of how many consumers has been affected with this disruption and in which areas. An email was spend by Carphone Warehouse Business to the consumers stating that they have been suggested that some of the consumers will receive an wrong message when they will try to do make the call, this will be for intermittent period and all the users may not be affected with this problem.

At 4 pm in the evening, O2 spokesman in a statement said that they are at present noticing a problem on their network that is affecting some of their valuable subscribers. Those consumers affected may find difficulty not only in making calls but also in receiving calls and also using data or sending texts messages. Their engineers are trying to solve this problem at the foremost and they hope that they can restore the full service quickly.

In same month this is the second fault that has hit the service of O2. In the month of June, many thousands of consumers were affected with this disruption problem because of which the users were not able to send and receive messages.

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