O2 Claims that Growth of Broadband Is Propelled by Remote Working

Thursday, September 6th 2012

There are reports stating that commercial firms that are doing business in the IT segment in the UK are anticipating better understanding of the fixed broadband facilities in the course of the approaching six months.

As per the studies that had been conducted by the broadband provider O2 Wholesale, it has been pointed out that there are plenty of significant industry trends that are driving the acceptance of broadband connectivity.

One of the most significant reasons mentioned is that it offers time flexibility, a point that has been emphasized as an important factor by 73 percent of the participants in the survey.

About 58 percent of the people who had taken the survey carried out by O2 Wholesale mentioned that the shift towards Cloud computing was what urged business firms to increase ability, whereas the Bring Your Own Device systems were what was mentioned by 32 percent of the participants.

The Head of Strategy & Partners at O2 Wholesale, Mr. Dan Cunliffe mentioned that the outcome of the research displayed that fixed broadband would be capable of becoming a significant chance for growth for retailers egged on by the trends in technology like the Cloud and BYOD.

He went on to assert that with almost two-thirds of the participants planning to shift to the Cloud, it would be the right time for partners to take advantage of this chance.

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